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Maputo, Mozambique

A quick Break after exams to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. A delight of true Modernism.

A few pics to illustrate, most notably showcasing Pancho Guedes' work.

What was to be Home for a few days...

The Lion House -Pancho Guedes


Random street scenes

Money and Trade Museum

More random photos

Day 9: Venice


Carlo Scarpa





Day 8: Venice

Olivetti House - Scarpa

Day 7.1: Venice

Doing the classic and expected on the way to Venice. Pisa...


Day 7: Venice

Finally arrived in Venice. Neil and myself having an adult beveridge on the "waterfront"!

Day 6: Florence

Hadrian's Villa



Day 5: Florence

Villa Borghese



Day 4: Florence

Our accommodation for a few days. Belongs to an Architecture Lecturer from the local uni. She will give us a guided tour of the campus soon...



Day 3.1: Rome

Today we did the touristy trip.

Vatican, St Peter's Basilika and a Morphosis Moleskine swallowed the unspent Euro !

The other pics here. The Vatican has to live in it's own post.




Day 3: Rome

The Vatican pic has to live in it's own post

Day 2: Rome

Swung by the Coloseum today for a pic to have this nostalgic Then and Now of my Dad and Me.

1998 +20 2018


Day 1: Rome

We arrived in Rome this morning on the Air Qatar flight without any hiccups. We found our accommodation, and is pleasantly surprised. A rooftop terrace adjoining the bedrooms, offers fantastic views towards the west. See the pics.


First on the agenda, is Zaha Hadid's MAXXI Museum. Lovely weather out there. Till later.........



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