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OnePeace Band

Die Bergies

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Memories from days gone by.

Solo, in London and the Stoneface Travellers

legacy Identity

Live @ the Stonecross Inn (London, 2013)

Tear it apart (2016)

The Finsbury Pub (2013)

Lost in this Town (South Bank - London, 2015)

Little Black Submarines (The Black Keys cover. Boogaloo - London, 2013)

Rambling on my mind (Cover, London 2012)

Emile laying vocals on Let me be. (Stoneface Travellers - London, 2013)

Emile Gerber Skates (Back in the day)

Live @ Fiddlers, London - 2013

I don't really love you (the Underbelly- London, 2013)

For What It's Worth @ Boogaloo, Highgate in August 2013.